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Solutions for Environmental Assessments


Wildlife population survey is determinant for endangered species conservation and human impacts mitigation. Biologists estimate fauna populations through census on the field. But the periodicity of these surveys is often jeopardized by their high cost in terms of material and working time. Progress made during the last decade allows them to use automatons and new camera platforms to decrease these costs. For example, many scientists already use camera traps. Some are experimenting surveys with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or Drone) equipped with a digital camera now that these technologies are affordable.

But these new technics lead to a new problem: the automation of photo capture generates a huge quantity of pictures and researchers don’t have time to treat all these pictures themselves.

Moreover, this work is considered as boring and some studies have shown that results produced by eye-detection highly decrease with working time. WIPSEA helps biologists, UAV companies and environmental consultants to automatically process all these pictures.

WIPSEA continuously develops image-processing algorithms that detect all kinds of animals such as dugongs, whales, elephants, and orangutans...

Engineering and Consulting


With up to 14 years of experience as Computer Scientist in real time processing for MPEG compression and broadcasting and a recent specialization in ecology engineering and biodiversity management :
  • WIPSEA is able to understand both your needs and your technical problem in picture processing and population assessment.
  • WIPSEA works in collaboration with biologists and researchers specialized in computer vision.
  • WIPSEA develops picture analysis software and easy to use GUI in many computer languages to fit your needs.
  • WIPSEA understands that biologists require having the final decision concerning the validation of the automatic detection.
  • Such software gives you more! It allows you to:
      • retrieve the length and width of each animal,
      • specify the specie name,

      • specify that a mother is with her calf,
      • detect if the animal is alone or in a group.


By discussing and working together on defining your needs and issues, WIPSEA is able to find a solution to increase your efficiency and spare your time.


  • helps you to define your needs,
  • helps you to adapt an existing software to your 
  • helps you to modify a software developed by scientists whose specialty is not in computer science,
  • helps you to finalize it as a product,  
  • trains people to use picture analysis software.

Wildlife Image Processing

The know-how of WIPSEA is focused on finding the best setup to fit to your needs in terms of detection. WIPSEA works in collaboration with researchers specialized in vision to offer you the best detection rate.

Image processing

WIPSEA has a good experience in software developments in C and C++.
WIPSEA has already developed picture analysis software using MATLAB, OpenCV, IDL.
WIPSEA is also able to learn the computer language you use.

Graphical user interface

WIPSEA knows that the GUI is really important for you because it’s the new tool you will use to manage your wildlife pictures.
That’s why WIPSEA is also able to develop GUI with Qt and Xcode.

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